Total Compensation Survey

2019 Total Compensation Survey Now Available

The Final Survey Report for the 2019 PSAC Total Compensation Survey is now available to participants.   A user name and password is required.

For more information, please contact Doug Journeay at 403.781.7381 or A sample of what you can expect to find in the final report can be found at

Note: due to current economic and pandemic conditions, PSAC has unfortunately suspended production of the 2020 edition of the Total Compensation Survey at this time. We have however, produced a PSAC Compensation Trends Survey Report for participating members.  Please contact Doug Journeay at for more information.

The PSAC Total Compensation Survey, commissioned annually by PSAC and conducted by Willis Towers Watson, analyzes current salary and benefits practices in the petroleum service, supply and manufacturing industry. In 2019, detailed data was collected and analyzed for just over 19,500 employees from 42 companies. Data were received for 288 positions, including executive, senior and middle management, supervisory, technical, professional, field, manufacturing and administrative areas.

The survey also includes a full Benefits component, providing a more complete picture of total compensation, and further enhancing the value of the Survey Report for members.

This Survey is an excellent tool for budgeting purposes and staying competitive with your compensation packages. Invitations to participate in the Survey are sent out in January each year, data is collected during April and May and the Final Survey Report is published in July. The Survey is only available to participating PSAC Core and CAODC members. Contact Doug Journeay at PSAC or 403.781.7381 to find out how you can participate in next year’s Survey.

Past Issues

Please note: You require a separate user name and password issued by PSAC for each year to be able to access the Final Report and position data.  Please contact Doug Journeay ( for more information.

Occupational Profiles

Following is a description of some typical petroleum service sector jobs so you can learn more about the diverse opportunities in the industry. Click on a job title that interests you for more details.  This list represents a sampling of available jobs, and should not be interpreted as a complete or exhaustive listing.

Data is from the 2019 PSAC Total Compensation Survey. Base salary figures do not include benefits, field pay, bonuses, overtime, living allowances, or commissions paid by some companies for certain positions.

This is NOT a listing of current openings.