Well Cost Study

The PSAC Well Cost Study provides financial, geological and technical data on about 30 “typical” wells drilled across Canada. The study includes more than 100 categories of costs and detailed wellbore graphics for each well. This is an excellent and popular tool for oil and gas company drilling and completions engineering professionals, financial and investment firms, Government agencies and well as petroleum service companies.

This study is used to scope out new areas of interest, compare and benchmark actual costs to the study’s “typical” costs, and for general planning or forecasting purposes. When used in conjunction with the PSAC Canadian Oilfield Services Activity Forecast, the Well Cost Study can be used to determine potential market sizes for drilling and completion products and services, as well as pricing and activity direction.


Well Cost Study Subscriptions and Rates

Effective January 23, 2017, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) and JWN launched the 2017 PSAC Well Cost Study in a new digitized format, offering users a fully customizable database to compare well costs in more than 150 categories.  The new study is powered by Canoils, a leading provider of financial and asset-level oil and gas data for the Canadian market. The PSAC data neatly complements the existing information found within Canoils’ database. Prices for the PSAC Well Cost Study data start at $3,500. Discounts are available for PSAC members. For more information, visit www2.jwnenergy.com/PSACwellcoststudy.