Well Closure Workforce Study

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The final stage in the lifecycle of an oil or natural gas well, pipeline or facility consists of the suspension, decommissioning/ abandonment, remediation and reclamation/restoration of the well, pipeline or facility. Collectively, these activities are referred to as “Closure”. This Study focuses on the closure of oil and natural gas wells in Western Canada. Closure activities that are specific to the wellbore are classified as decommissioning activities whereas the remainder of activities, i.e. above-surface, are divided into three classifications: site reclamation/remediation; flowline decommissioning; and surface equipment. More information about Closure activities in Canada can be found at: https://www.psac.ca/leadership/well-closure/.

This Study provides an analysis of the jobs created during the Closure process for an oil or natural gas well in Western Canada using three different well classifications. Activities and services required to perform Closure work are identified along with the personnel required.

The study, PSAC’s Well Closure Workforce Study shows that between 35 and 50 services employing 41 to 57 individuals are needed in the Closure of a single well.

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