PSAC Delivers Message to Ottawa

CALGARY, AB (November 22, 2017) – The Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) travelled to Ottawa this week to deliver a message to parliamentarians of the need for a Canadian brand for energy that includes oil and gas in order to optimize the social and economic benefits of our vast natural resources for all Canadians.

PSAC highlighted the fact that the oil and gas services sector supports over 640,000 well-paying jobs across Canada from coast-to-coast, mostly middle-class, and includes manufacturing in Ontario and Quebec.

“We need a Canadian energy brand”, says Mark Salkeld, President & CEO of PSAC, “that speaks to our robust regulatory regime, our progress on protecting the environment, improving efficiency and reducing our GHG emissions through innovation and technology development so that Canadians can be proud of their energy industry and support access to tide water for exports.” Lack of access to global markets is costing Canadians over $50 million a day as well as jobs as capital investment moves to other countries.

Recognizing that as global energy demand grows with population growth and the rise of the middle-class in developing countries, all types of energy will be needed. Scott Van Vliet, Chair of PSAC, and CEO & Founder of Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc., says “Oil and natural gas will continue to part of the energy mix for decades. Canada has the opportunity to replace higher intensity sources of energy with its clean natural gas and also stop carbon leakage by supplying our responsibly-developed oil and natural gas at home to displace supply from foreign sources with no price on carbon, higher GHG intensity, and lower standards of health, safety and environmental protection. Supplying the world with Canadian energy would help reduce global GHG emissions. The World needs more Canada”.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, also in Ottawa yesterday to speak at an Economic Club luncheon, was introduced to the nonpartisan crowd by PSAC Board member Tenaris Global Services (Canada) Inc., a steel pipe producer and service provider with manufacturing facilities in Ontario and Alberta, whose operations reinforce the fact that the oil and gas industry has a national supply chain across the country. Premier Notley noted other Eastern Canadian manufacturers to emphasize that pipelines are in the national interest. “There is not a school, hospital, or road anywhere in the country that does not owe something to a strong energy industry,” said Notley, highlighting yet another economic benefit of this industry to all Canadians.

“PSAC gives kudos to Premier Notley for her cross-country speaking tour, helping to raise awareness of the benefits of this vital industry to all Canadians, the need for pipelines to tidewater, and the costs of lost opportunity if we do not recognize the opportunity before us,” says Salkeld, pleased that the Premier and industry are aligned in messaging. We hope that the federal government will also help raise awareness of the benefits and the high-tech nature of present day industry that continues to reduce our GHG emissions and environmental footprint.”

The Petroleum Services Association of Canada is the national trade association representing the service, supply and manufacturing sectors within the upstream petroleum industry. As the voice of the sector, PSAC advocates for its members to enable the continued innovation, technological advancement and in-the-field experience they supply to Canada’s energy explorers and producers, helping to increase efficiency, improve safety and protect the environment. PSAC member companies represent a significant portion of the business volume generated in the oil and gas services industry.

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