PSAC Applauds Governments and Events Supporting Canada’s Resource Sector

CALGARY, AB (November 30, 2017) – The Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) applauds events held in Vancouver by Resource Works on November 29th and the Vancouver Board of Trade on November 30th raising awareness of Canada’s natural resources industry in terms of its innovation and technology, environmental performance and the benefits to all Canadians.

Resource Works held its event ‘Naturally Resourceful, Accessing Global Value Chains in the Natural Resource Economy’ to bring attention to the fact that high tech and oil and gas development are not mutually exclusive. Said Stewart Muir of Resource Works, “Relentless innovation is the hallmark of the Canadian oil and gas industry, and PSAC members are central players in this story. Telling others about the high-tech journey is a way to build support for the responsible further development of the industry.”

The Vancouver Board of Trade event ‘Access, Partnerships and Responsible Energy Development: Navigating the Way Forward’ began the morning with keynote NRCan Minister James Carr who in speaking about the government’s climate change policies and approval of the TransMountain pipeline, made the federal government’s view clear, that the need to get Canada’s oil and natural gas to tidewater is in the national interest. Minister Carr highlighted the lengthy and robust process through which this decision was made, saying “[this] is why we took the time to get this decision right, based on the best science and the widest possible consultation.”

Luncheon keynote, Premier Rachel Notley, continuing on her cross-country speaking tour, received a standing ovation following her remarks highlighting the hundreds of thousands of jobs across not only Alberta, but also BC and the whole of Canada that are based on the oil and natural gas industry, the revenues that are generated for governments across the country directly and through transfer payments that help fund schools and hospitals and the continued innovation and technology that will lead us to a low-carbon future. “Alberta cannot fund the transition to a greener, lower carbon future if our economy is held hostage by our geography,” said Notley.

With Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline nine months behind schedule delaying much needed jobs and economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples, as well as creating uncertainty that is undermining investment in Canada, Mark Salkeld, PSAC President said “PSAC appreciates the efforts that the Governments of Canada and Alberta are making to help Canadians understand the immense benefits that the oil and natural gas industry bring to all Canadians.”

PSAC has been advocating for a Canadian brand for energy that includes oil and gas, illustrating Canadian jobs across the country in the energy supply chain, Canada’s world leading regulatory regime, success in protecting the environment, improving efficiency and investments to reduce our GHG emissions through innovation and technology development. Canadians can be proud of their energy industry and support access to tide water for exports in order to maximize the social and economic benefits of our vast natural resources for all Canadians. There are 640,000 well-paying jobs across Canada from coast-to-coast in the service, supply and manufacturing sectors including in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

The Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) is the national trade association representing the service, supply and manufacturing sectors of the upstream oil and gas industry. As the voice of the sector, PSAC advocates for its members to enable the continued innovation, technological advancement and in-the-field expertise provided to Canada’s energy explorers and producers (E&Ps) helping to increase efficiency, improve safety and protect the environment.

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