Occupational Competencies – PCP Program

Launched by PSAC in 1995, the Petroleum Competency Program (PCP) is a groundbreaking initiative that certifies workers using a standard to determine the ability of a worker to perform specific activities to agreed-upon expectations. The program lists the tasks and skills involved in doing a job, describes their safe and effective application in typical working conditions and specifies the criteria that should be used to judge how a worker applies them. More details are available in the PCP Fact Sheet .

The PCP is managed by the Petroleum Labour Market Information (PetroLMI), Division of Energy Safety Canada.

Occupations Certified under the PCP

To date, over 30 competencies have been developed for the petroleum services industry. People actually working in each of these jobs developed and approved the competencies. Pumping services, snubbing, transportation and specialized trucking, well testing and wireline services are all represented in the positions already developed. They include:

Cased Hole Services

Oil and Gas Transportation Services

Slickline Services

Snubbing Services

Well Testing Services

PSAC’s technical councils – Well Testing, Snubbing, and Transportation – monitor and make recommendations to update the standards of competence for the occupations in their sector as industry practices and technology changes.

For more details on the competencies, visit the Petroleum Labour Market Information (PetroLMI), Division of Energy Safety Canada’s website.

Designated Occupation Status

Cathodic Protection
Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training has approved cathodic protection as a designated occupation which came into effect on February 1, 2013. Existing certifications to work held by cathodic protection technicians remained in effect until June 14, 2014. After June 2014, existing certifications are required to have designated occupation certification to work in Alberta.

Well Testing, Oil and Gas Transportation and Snubbing Services
Well testing supervisor, oil and gas transportation services and snubbing services have also received Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board certification as designated occupations. This certification is comparable to being awarded a Journeyman Certificate in a trade and is the equivalent of the official Apprenticeship designation.

The Province’s acknowledgement of these occupational competencies is an important step in the industry’s efforts to establish common occupational standards and identify individuals who meet them. Not only does the PCP contribute towards a safer and more competent workforce, but it also provides a career path for individuals working in the oilpatch and those just entering the industry.

Become Involved
PSAC wishes to thank the many PSAC Member companies who support the PCP.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in the PCP, or require further information, please contact info@psac.ca or call 403.264.4195.