Better group benefit plans + supporting PSAC = Win-Win!

Feeling the renewal heat with your employee group benefits plan?

Did you recently get your annual employee groups benefits renewal package?  Was it greater than a 10% increase……….again……….  Seems like it is at least a 10% increase or greater year after year doesn’t it?

Employee group benefit programs and renewals are challenging.  Especially when as a company you are trying to responsibly budget for you and your employees premiums.  We understand your frustration and we can help you.

With PSAC benefits, we recognize the challenges renewal present and face it head on.  PSAC benefits can offer your company solutions to limit your risk and exposure, to better control increasing premiums at renewal, and help with management of your employee group benefits plan.

If you are feeling the heat on your latest renewal, jump into our pool and cool off your rates.

PSAC benefits utilize a multi-employer pooling solution that allows you the flexibility to build your own comprehensive group benefits plan while protecting your rates.  Companies are able to get all the advantages of a big business benefits using our multi-employer pool. Inside the pool, each company makes up part of a larger group and thereby receiving pricing of a very large company. This concept allows businesses to save between at least 15% upfront while protecting renewal increases below 10%.

Short term savings for companies is critical, however, if we cannot create long term control over increasing group benefit rates year over year, then short term saving are not the answer.  Our solution creates both short and long term savings.

Switch today to PSAC benefits and SAVE!

Leverage our multi-employer pools we have built with our partner insurance carriers to get you the best buying power with the best coverage for your money. A custom group benefit plan with PSAC benefits ensures that you keep control of your Company’s hard-earned profits and have peace of mind about your employees.

Not only can you instantly save up to at least 15% upfront without changing your current plan design, our model protects your renewal increases.

PSAC Benefits, fueled by ICBA Benefits offers a variety of plans tailored to your individual companies’ needs. We are not about one size fitting all; we are about finding the best fit, best solution for you and your employees.

We can do it all:

Let PSAC Benefits, fueled by ICBA Benefits, analyze your current plan and build some top-notch recommendations for you.

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What’s the first step?

All great relationships start with a conversation. Our goal is not to provide short-term fixes, but rather guide you through a process that will offer long-term strategies for your employee group benefits plan. We can provide you a level of flexibility for your benefits plan that you cannot find elsewhere. We build you an appropriate benefits plan that will suit your needs. And we continually provide you with ongoing information, communication, and support for you and your valued employees.

To learn more about PSAC benefits and how we can help you, please email