Index Description

The PSAC Canadian Index provides information on the market performance of the top PSAC member companies who are listed on a Canadian Stock Exchange (determined by the company’s Market Capitalization). PSAC Member companies include petroleum service, supply, and manufacturing companies.


Data for the PSAC Canadian Index is calculated, managed and provided by PC Quote Canada. PSAC is the owner and distributor of the PSAC Canadian Index.


The PSAC Canadian Index is calculated using a base-weighted aggregate methodology; meaning the level of the Index reflects the total market value of all component stocks relative to a base period. The actual total market value of the stocks in the Index during the base period has been set to equal an Index value of 200.

The Index value changes as the total market capitalization changes for the member companies in the Index. The companies that are components in the Index are selected from the PSAC member companies that have the highest market capitalization in the member organization. Up to 30 companies may be included in the Index. On a quarterly basis, companies may be added or removed based on such factors as changes to ranking of market capitalization, trading activity (to ensure ample liquidity and efficient share pricing), mergers and /or acquisitions, to name a few.

For further details, please contact PCQuote Canada at 416.214.5700.