PSAC Releases Hydraulic Fracturing Code of Conduct

On October 30, 2013 in Calgary, Alberta, after completing an intense program of community engagement over the past six months, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada released a hydraulic fracturing code of conduct for the Canadian oil and gas service sector.

The hydraulic fracturing code of conduct outlines standard practices for sound technical and environmental performance when fracturing a well and defines mutual expectations for working with stakeholders.

To gather community input into the purpose and content of the code of conduct, PSAC met with over 100 community members in seven regions in four provinces. Stakeholder feedback, combined with industry expertise, led to a hydraulic fracturing code of conduct that covers five key areas: Water and the Environment; Fracturing Fluid Disclosure; Technology Development, Health, Safety, and Training, and Community Engagement

Eleven PSAC member companies, all of which perform hydraulic fracturing, helped create the code of conduct and have voluntarily agreed to follow it, wherever they work in Canada.

The hydraulic fracturing companies participating in this initiative are:

Baker Hughes Canada Company

Calfrac Well Services Ltd.

Canyon Technical Services Ltd.

Element Technical Services

GasFrac Energy Services LP

Halliburton Group Canada

Iron Horse Energy Services

Millennium Stimulation Services

Sanjel Corporation

Schlumberger Canada Limited

Trican Well Service Ltd.

To read the code of conduct and more about the Working Energy Commitment initiative, click here.