There is a lot of discussion and debate surrounding hydraulic fracturing, and our industry has been responding to the increasing concerns of Canadians. But it’s clear there is much work to be done. So, this month PSAC committed to opening up the lines of communication with the public through launching its Working Energy Commitment program. This program will begin a two-way conversation with Canadians about their concerns, and to demonstrate that PSAC and our members are committed to reducing the potential impacts of our operations on local communities to ensure the safety of all workers and the general public.

The concept of “working energy” stems from the fact that our members are on the front line of our industry, thousands of who live and work in and near hundreds of communities across Canada. Our members are the ones who perform hydraulic fracturing and associated services, so our voice needs to be heard more in the ongoing discussions about how we do what we do and our performance record. We also need to better showcase the service sector innovation that is a key driver of the continual improvement of our industry’s performance.

The Working Energy Commitment has ten founding participating companies who have committed to a set of five guiding principles under which they will conduct themselves, now and into the future. These companies have pledged to communicate with Canadians and to continuously improve how they develop our country’s oil and gas resources. These companies include:

• Baker Hughes Canada Company
• Calfrac Well Services Ltd
• Canyon Technical Services Ltd
• Gasfrac Energy Services LP
• Halliburton Group Canada
• Iron Horse Energy Services
• Nabors Well Services Canada Ltd.
• Sanjel Corporation
• Schlumberger Canada Ltd
• Trican Well Service Ltd

I invite you to read the Statement of Principles found at here.

The next step in the Working Energy Commitment program is the development of a code of conduct addressing hydraulic fracturing operations. We will build this code through collaboration with on-the-ground stakeholders in communities where our members are operating.

We hope that this code of conduct will define mutual expectations for working with stakeholders, as well as standard practices for sound technical and environmental performance when fracturing a well. We expect to release the code of conduct by the end of the year.

To support these events, we have also expanded our public information website ( with two new sections:

Fracopedia, which provides facts and stats about hydraulic fracturing in Canada, and
Working Energy Commitment, which describes the program and highlights the PSAC member companies participating in the program activities. This will also act as the main source of updates as we confirm the communities and dates for our public events.

Our industry is very complex and technical, and how we communicate about our operations is a part of the challenge we face. A key question for us is how to demystify our complex and technical operations in any easy to understand way without being seen as not transparent enough?

The Working Energy Commitment is our commitment to finding that balance.

In the spirit of communicating about our operations, PSAC has also launched Canada’s Energy Technology Blueprint series. This series kicked off last December with an event featuring a panel discussion about the role that technology will play in the responsible and sustainable development of Canada’s natural resources.

On March 26, we will present the second part of the series with the Canadian Energy Technology Blueprint Summit in Calgary. Leading experts will present on the technologies and processes behind the lifecycle of a well in an easy to understand way, so that those people who work in our industry or work in a job that is connected to the industry, or even the general public, can attend to gain a more in-depth understanding of our operations. There will also be exhibits of key technologies to give delegates the chance to see the innovation of our industry up close. Register today by visiting