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Better group benefit plans + supporting PSAC = Win-Win

Concerned about the rising costs of your employee group benefits plan? Big year over year increases that you didn’t budget for? Then you need a group benefits plan through PSAC Benefits. We are committed to ensuring your premiums remain manageable and predictable, providing stability year after year.

PSAC is pleased to have partnered with ICBA Benefits to offer a full suite of employee benefit products to cover every type of our member companies – from one-person start-ups to employers with thousands of employees.

PSAC Benefits wants to help your company find a better solution for your employee group benefits. Our partner, ICBA Benefits, has a long history – and strong reputation – for delivering great value to their clients. They have never simply accepted what the marketplace offers – either in terms of products or price. They work hard to get their clients a better deal and offer best solutions to meet your needs.

Through our partnership, PSAC Benefits, fueled by ICBA Benefits, offers the widest range of health, dental, life, prescription, benefits, and retirement products to meet the needs of any client. Our goal with each and every benefit plan is to manage your costs over time – delivering your employees the best possible coverage at the best possible price.

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Some of the programs PSAC Benefits is proud to offer:


We can do it all:

Let PSAC Benefits, fueled by ICBA Benefits, analyze your current plan and build some top-notch recommendations for you.


What’s the first step?

All great relationships start with a conversation. Our goal is not to provide short-term fixes, but rather guide you through a process that will offer long-term strategies for your employee group benefits plan. We can provide you a level of flexibility for your benefits plan that you cannot find elsewhere. We build you an appropriate benefits plan that will suit your needs. And we continually provide you with ongoing information, communication, and support for you and your valued employees.

Our PSAC Benefits representative, Mark Perschon (mark@icbabenefits.ca or 403-650-1020), can guide you through the entire process of employee group benefits and ensure your needs are being met. Give Mark a call today – or fill out the Contact Form below:

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