Industry Recommended Practices (IRPs)

The Drilling and Completions Committee (DACC) is responsible for the development of recommended technical operating practices for the upstream oil and gas industry in the areas of drilling, completions and servicing of wells. The primary focus of DACC is to develop technical industry recommended practices (IRPs), where the objectives include cost efficiencies, technical optimization, productivity, safety and environmental performance.

PSAC and its members participate in the development of IRPs.

IRPs provide guidance or best practices to conduct operations in a safe and technically acceptable manner. They must be developed to meet, or exceed, the minimum intent of the applicable legislation in each member’s jurisdictions.

To view or download current IRPs, click on any of the links below.

IRP Volume #1 – Critical Sour Drilling

IRP Volume #2 Completing and Servicing Critical Sour Wells

IRP Volume #3 – In Situ Heavy Oil Operations

IRP Volume #4 – Well Testing and Fluid Handling

IRP Volume #5 – Minimum Wellhead Requirements

IRP Volume #6 – Critical Sour Underbalanced Drilling

IRP Volume #7 – Standards for Wellsite Supervision of Drilling, Completion and Workovers

IRP Volume #8 – Pumping of Flammable Fluids

IRP Volume #13 – Slickline Operations

IRP Volume #14 – Non-Water Based Drilling Fluids

IRP Volume #15 – Snubbing Operations

IRP Volume #20 – Wellsite Design Spacing Recommendations

IRP Volume #21 – Coiled Tubing Operations

IRP Volume #22 – Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling Operations Using Jointed Pipe

Interim IRP Volume #24 – Fracture Stimulation: Interwellbore Communication

IRP Volume #25 – Primary and Remedial Cementing (Under development)