Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Calgary Petroleum Club, Card Room
319 5 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB

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The Alberta Oil and Gas Industry is facing mounting pressures to compete based on a new set of rules. The current paradigm is to wait for a recovery in order to thrive once more; a recovery which is showing compelling signs of potentially not arriving.

We believe that new ways of working are required to tackle fundamental industry challenges differently. We must move on from the classic cyclical rent model – where the balance of negotiating power shifts back and forth over time in the relationship between operator and supplier – to find a different and more sustainable relationship. For producers, over 30% of cost savings have come from suppliers, who are now operating at negative or bare bone margins, which is not sustainable. At the same time, a significant amount of innovations come from suppliers. We believe that the ability to thrive lies in cultivating a new way to collaborate within the supply chain in order to innovate for driving down cost structure in a way that is sustainable, while innovating for improved safety and environmental.

Over the course of 3 lectures series, we will explore the state of innovation in Oil and Gas and the digital disruption, what service companies can do to enhance value creation, and the current state of collaboration in Oil and Gas and how to develop win-win collaboration in the supply chain.

At the first breakfast session, we will explore:

1. The role of innovation in building a successful Oil and Gas industry in Canada, and current state of innovation;
2. The role of digital technologies in driving innovation, and how service companies will be the most impacted by these developments; and
3. Case examples of the use and application of digital, and specific actions service companies can take to create and embrace their own digital future.

Who Should Attend?
Executives, SME Owners, Senior Business Development and Supply Chain personnel.


Calgary Petroleum Club, Card Room


Complimentary for PSAC Core Group Members
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non-PSAC Members in oilfield services only

(in case of maximum attendee count, preference will be given to PSAC Members)


Cancellation Policy:
While there is no cost to attend, registered no-shows will be charged $50 + GST. Substitutions are allowed up to 9:00 am on March 14, 2017. Please send an email to with the names of any substitutes.

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